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[PROTECT] Rockfall Protection – we are your partner!

Over the last 30 years, rockfall protection issues have grown bigger in many mature countries. Users’ safety and infrastructure’s durability with respect to rockfalls have an impact on the attractiveness of a territory and thus represents a strong socio-economical issue.

Above a certain level of energy (i.e. :when rock impact exceeds 5000 kJ), current available protection devices such as drapes made of steel mesh or steel mesh barriers no longer make it possible to protect downstream infrastructures (roads, railways, etc.). In addition, maintenance and repair costs of these devices are heavily impacting budgets of infrastructures owners.

We can provide competitive solutions

Reinforced Earth® structures, passive rockfall protection with TechSpan® and TechBox® solutions, TerraLink™ solution for limited spaces…

Tierra Armada in Spain
developed a reliable solution made of precast elements inspired from TechBox® (see left margin) while Reinforced Earth Korea and Tierra Armada Mexico are offering TechSpan® as rockfall sheds.

Spirit of continuous improvement

With the aim of developing a narrow protective earthen embankment with a limited footprint and a very high energy absorption capacity, Terre Armée has been taking part for the past 2 years in a French national research project called C2ROP.
The C2ROP project is a collaborative research program supported by the French Ministry of Environment and brings together 44 organizations with activities related to design, construction and management of linear or isolated infrastructures subject to the rockfall hazard.

In parallel, a research thesis was launched in partnership with IFSTTAR, the French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks. As part of this thesis, other experiments will enrich the data already carried out in the C2ROP project to develop an innovative Reinforced Earth® rockfall protection embankment.

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