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Germany - B62n road extension works in Siegen

Recently, as part of the B62n  road extension works in Siegen (North-Rhine - Westphalia), in Niederschelden between BW42 bridges and BW40.1 / 41.1, three Reinforced Earth® retaining walls with cruciform TerraClass® precast concrete panels equipped with high adherence galvanized steel reinforcing strips were built.

In total, nearly 2,200 m² of Reinforced Earth® walls were installed alongside a railroad track with a maximum height of 11 meters.

Still in Siegen, the first construction phase of a wall on several levels was completed.

Once the works of the adjacent concrete bridge abutments finalized, the second phase will take place in summer 2016.

For this wall, the selected system is a TerraTrel® facing associated with reinforcement strips in high adherence galvanized steel.

Total area of TerraTrel® wall will be approximately 615 m².